Thursday, October 25, 2012

Women's Rights

Linda K. Burton, Relief Society general president, in “Recent Developments in the Women’s Organizations” (video),
“The world would have us believe that women are oppressed, that they are undervalued—but that has not been my experience as I’ve gone across the world. I have seen their strength, I have seen their faith, I have seen their resilience. … I have seen the desires of their hearts. The real story is that women want to be engaged in this work.”
Elder L Whitney Clayton, Marriage: Watch and Learn, April 2013 General Conference
"I have observed that in wonderful, happy marriages, husbands and wives treat each other as equal partners. Practices from any place or any time in which husbands have dominated wives or treated them in any way as second-class partners in marriage are not in keeping with divine law and should be replaced by correct principles and patterns of behavior."

Elder D Todd Christofferson - Apostle, Brethren, We Have Work to Do, General Conference October 2012
“In their zeal to promote opportunity for women, something we applaud, there are those who denigrate men and their contributions. They seem to think of life as a competition between male and female—that one must dominate the other, and now it’s the women’s turn. “

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