Sunday, June 21, 2015


D&C 121:45
“Let virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly; then shall thy confidence wax strong in the presence of God; and the doctrine of the priesthood shall distil upon thy soul as the dews from heaven”

James E. Faust, “The Virtues of Righteous Daughters of God,” Ensign, May 2003, 108
“Virtue in its fuller sense encompasses all traits of righteousness that help us form our character.”

Gordon B. Hinckley, “Excerpts from Recent Addresses of President Gordon B. Hinckley,” Ensign,Apr. 1996, 73
“Love of God is the root of all virtue, of all goodness, of all strength of character.”

Thursday, June 18, 2015

How Missionaries Are Assigned to a Mission

M Russell Ballard, The Greatest Generation of Young Adults, April 2015 General Conference
"...a member of the Quorum of the Twelve assigns every missionary to his or her mission."
"Your photograph comes up on a computer screen, together with key information provided by your bishop and stake president. When your picture appears, we look into your eyes and review your answers to the missionary recommendation questions."
"As we look at your photograph, we trust that you have cleared in every way the 'raised bar' required today to be a faithful, successful missionary. Then, by the power of the Spirit of the Lord and under the direction of President Thomas S. Monson, we assign you to one of the Church’s 406 worldwide missions."