Sunday, June 2, 2013

Internet Conduct

Elder L Whitney Clayton, Marriage: Watch and Learn, April 2013 General Conference
They keep their social media use fully worthy in every way. They permit themselves no secret Internet experiences. They freely share with each other their social network passwords. They do not look at the virtual profiles of anyone in any way that might betray the sacred trust of their spouse. They never do or say anything that approaches the appearance of impropriety, either virtually or physically. Watch and learn: terrific marriages are completely respectful, transparent, and loyal.”

Randall L Ridd, The Choice Generation, General Conference April 2014

"You are growing up with one of the greatest tools for good in the history of man: the Internet. With it comes an elaborate buffet of choices. The abundance of choice, however, carries with it an equal portion of accountability."
"With the click of a button, you can access whatever your heart desires. That’s the key—what does your heart desire? What do you gravitate toward? Where will your desires lead?"
"Your choices determine whether technology will empower you or enslave you."

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