Monday, March 12, 2012


Sister Julie B Beck, The Vision of Prophets regarding Relief Society: Faith, Family, Relief, General Conference April 2012
"President Joseph F. Smith cautioned Relief Society sisters and their leaders, saying that he did not want 'to see the time when our Relief Societies will follow, or commingle and lose their own identity by mixing up with … woman-made organizations.' He expected the sisters 'to lead the world and … especially the women of the world, in everything that is praise-worthy, everything that is God-like, everything that is uplifting and that is purifying to the children of men.'23 His counsel emphasizes the charge to eliminate traditions, themes, fads, and trends, and incorporate practices that are consistent with Relief Society purposes."

President Gordon B Hinckley, “Our Responsibility to Our Young Women”, Ensign September 1988
“Woman is God’s supreme creation. Only after the earth had been formed, after the day had been separated from the night, after the waters had been divided from the land, after vegetation and animal life had been created, and after man had been placed on the earth, was woman created; and only then was the work pronounced complete and good.”

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